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3 Features To Look For In The Best Diesel Fuel Distributor For Your Trucking Fleet

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In the trucking business, your daily production success relies on how well your semi trucks run, and there is nothing more important to how a diesel engine runs than the type of fuel it is given. Keeping your trucks fueled up and ready for the next run means you have to have a good supply of diesel on site. Therefore, finding a good diesel fuel supplier is an important step to take as a trucking business owner. How do you know you have a good diesel fuel distributor? Here are three features to look for in the best diesel fuel distributors. 

The diesel distributor freely offers fuel quality reports.

One batch of bad diesel fuel can be enough to almost ruin an entire fleet of diesel-powered engines. This is because contaminants in diesel fuel, whether it is water content or sludge, can cause diesel engine to overheat and fail. Therefore, fuel quality is of the utmost importance when you are choosing a diesel supplier. The best suppliers will have no qualms bout giving you diesel quality reports and letting you know exactly where the fuel comes from, how old it is, and what contaminant levels have been in recent tests. 

The diesel distributor is close enough to keep delivery costs low. 

You may find a diesel supplier out of town that can give you a better cost per gallon for fuel, but you have to keep in mind that delivery costs can drive that price up to a point where the savings won't matter. If you have a local diesel distributor, it can be better to pay a higher per-gallon cost just because you will save where delivery surcharges are concerned. Some diesel distributors charge per delivery on a flat-rate basis, but there are also those that will tack on extra charges according to the mileage to deliver.

The diesel distributor offers after-hours deliveries when needed. 

In the event that you need a fuel delivery at an odd time, whether it is on a weekend after a long week of heavy loads or during the holidays, you need to know you have a distributor who can cater to your needs. Most diesel distributors have fairly flexible delivery schedules, but there are some that operate on a more strict schedule, such as Monday through Friday or only at certain hours. Make sure you ask about after-hours deliveries and usual delivery schedules before you sign up with a certain distributor.

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